You're invited to participate in an exclusive pilot program called Speak Up & Listen that will make psychological safety both measurable and actionable in your organization.

What is Speak Up & Listen?

Speak Up & Listen is a structured program that will help you evaluate and improve upon your team’s psychological safety and interpersonal skills by measuring their MFIS (Management Facilitative Interpersonal Skills) across 8 dimensions.

The extent to which the manager is verbally comfortable and at ease in communication

The extent to which the manager expresses hope, optimism and positive expectation for change.

The manager’s capacity to induce others to accept a view that may be different from their own view.

The extent to which the manager’s communication is delivered with effective energy and expressions of emotion.

The ability of the manager to care for and accept others for being different.

The manager’s capacity to respond with an expressed understanding of the subjective experience of others.

The manager’s capacity to provide a collaborative environment, one in which there is recognition of the need to work with others jointly on problems.

*Originally called Alliance Bond Capacity by Tim Anderson

The extent to which the manager appears to be attuned to potential interpersonal issues and able to address them in a productive, inquisitive manner.

*Originally called Alliance Rupture-Repair Responsiveness by Tim Anderson

How does it work?

How do I participate?

We’re now accepting applications to participate in our Fall 2022 Program!

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