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Stephan Wiedner, Zarango CEO and Amy Edmondson, Leadership Professor at Harvard Business School

The Benefits of Completing the Management Facilitative Interpersonal Skills (MFIS) Assessment

  • Find out your strengths as a communicator
  • Find out your communication blindspots and growth edges
  • Uncover specific and actionable improvements that you can make to increase your effectiveness as a communicator
  • Be part of a growing population of courageous leaders who are creating psychologically safe, “speak up” environments

How the MFIS Works:

  1. We will send you an exclusive invite to access our MFIS Portal. The assessment takes 12-15 mins to complete.
  2. You will be presented with four videos depicting challenging scenarios in a team
  3. Using your device’s webcam and mic, you will record responses as though you were in the room with the people in the video
  4. Our experts will assess your skills and provide you with a report identifying your two biggest strengths as a communicator and two specific opportunities for growth and improvement